Ieshea Jones, PMP


At Direnzic Technology & Cybersecurity, LLC, our mission is to increase digital forensic and cyber awareness by educating and applying cutting edge innovations to the ever-growing threats faced due to increasing cyber attacks. Our goal is to provide security where one would least believe it’s needed. Most importantly, we aim to help businesses maintain the confidentiality their customers entrust to them by protecting their most valuable asset – their integrity.

Our team of professionals come equipped with more than 10 years of expertise in the fields of information technology, leadership, program and project management, & cyber security services. In addition to managing numerous large-scaled programs and projects with proven success, we’ve worked hard to continue educating ourselves and obtain certifications to help ensure we remain the best and the brightest in our field.

It is for these reasons that we eagerly answer each and every call to assist our clients, both big and small. We take great pride in offering a service that provides so many benefits.

So call us today and allow us to do what we do best:

Investigate > Innovate > Educate

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